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NatGeo: Meerkats 3D

Published August 30, 2012 by Justn Obud Dy

Follow Klinky and her clan as they take on the challenges of living in the unforgiving Kalahari Desert. This tale of strength, survival, family and FUN will delight audiences of all ages!

A meerkat takes in the day’s last rays of sun before returning to its den for the night.
Meerkats only hunt during daytime. At night, or when seeking relief from the heat, meerkat groups utilize several different burrows and move from one to another. Each burrow is an extensive tunnel-and-room system that remains cool even under the broiling African sun.

Two meerkat pups play in the sand.
Females give birth to two-to-four young each year. Fathers and siblings help raise the young, teaching them to play and forage, and alerting them to the ever-present danger from above. Young meerkats are so fearful of predatory birds that even airplanes will send them diving for cover.

Meerkats live in large colonies and are naturally affectionate animals. Gregarious creatures, they are often seen in groups, and several families may live together in a large community.
Meerkats are mongooses and are about the size of squirrels. They are famed for their upright posture—they often stand on their rear legs and gaze alertly over the southern African plains where they live. Mothers can even nurse their young while standing.

Meerkats face down a Cape cobra. Meerkats can only survive as a team—they rely on cooperation and operate in groups most of the time.

Two meerkat pups—about three weeks old—emerge from the safety of their den.
Young meerkats are highly curious and are constantly exploring their surroundings. By 12 weeks of age, they are already capable of feeding themselves, but they can become exhausted by the intense heat.


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