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Eyeball Tattoo

Published August 30, 2012 by Justn Obud Dy

Corneal tattooing is the practice of tattooing the cornea of the human eye. -Wikipedia.

A Toronto man has been the first to get an eyeball tattoo. Basically, he has turned the whites of his eyes blue.

Corneal tattooing is usually used for patients that have had trauma to their eye, not for this, which is called body modification.

It took 40 injections of blue ink in order to complete this procedure. Pigment was injected under the top layer of the eye using a syringe. The syringe injected the ink into the eye. At first they had tried a traditional needle with ink on it, but when the ink didn’t hold, they switched to the syringe.

The man has reported that all is well so far, but it feels like he has something in his eye.

I can barely stand needles poking me anywhere, but in the eye? I can’t even imagine. I wonder what would happen if you decided to change your mind after it was done?

Who here wants to get the world’s next eyeball tattoo? Maybe a colorful rainbow would work nicely.

If you feel that this may be a bit extreme, you can always take the easy and painless way out and just put on one of these super weird contact lenses instead.


Published August 30, 2012 by Justn Obud Dy


A charity breast squeeze took place last weekend in Shinjuku, Tokyo as part of the “Erotica will Save the World” event.

Is this a typical reward for donating to charity in Japan? We go hands on… I mean… just read on for more details.

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