Codename: Project Santa Barbara

Published April 26, 2012 by Justn Obud Dy

A government military project called Project Santa Barbara has been initiated during the time of the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. The project includes building rockets. One of the rockets, “Bongbong 1” which named after the president’s son.

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SB which stands Santa Barbara painted on trucks mounted with rockets and launchers.

It was said that this project was also for finding alternative source of energy in the country. Also there was a possibility that we may have purchased a submarine at that time as they mentioned “Submerged Launcher for underwater firing”.

We all knew that during Marcos regime, the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant was materialized and build. There is a possibility that this Project Santa Barbara and the Bataan Nuclear Plant are related or connected. We’ll, we may not know what is true or not but still we must not lost hope. Some of the officials mentioned like Defense Secretary Enrile is still alive and still serving the government as a senator. He could tell or share us something about this “top secret project”.

Successful experimental and test fire demonstration.


Since December 1972, a series of 37 dynamic tests were conducted on the 180 MM rocket. All the tests were performed at Caballo Island except for four firings which were conducted in Fort Magsaysay. Different versions or configurations of the 180 MM rocket were used: short version, with fixed fins. Long version with fixed fins, long version with folding fins, and the PATO (Pressure Assisted Take Off) type. The launchers tested were the Fixed-Open Frame (short), Fixed-Open frame (long), Truck-mounted tube launcher, truck-mounted open frame, and the Submerged Launcher for underwater firing. The results of the tests showed that the Truck-mounted Open Frame launcher is the most appropriate for the 180 MM rocket, and the configuration is narrowed down to the short and long versions both with fixed fins.

(Above) Rocket launched. (Right-Bottom) Filipino officials (left) Defense Secretary Juan P. Enrile and (right) Commodore Alfredo C. Protacio.


Based in the results of the tests conducted, the optimum preheat sequence time was found to be 20 seconds. The fuse detonation performance was 100% for all the dynamic tests of the development phase. All the problems and difficulties previously encountered during the experimental phase have been eliminated. With regards to the establishment of the firing table for the weapon system, additional 30 dynamic tests are still needed. The launcher truck has been modified to enable it to fire four rockers either in salvo or simultaneously.

Rocket badge pinned by Defense Secretary Juan P. Enrile on Commodore Alfredo C. Protacio.

The project still remain a mystery to the rest of us. One thing we know is that this project didn’t continue or it was decommissioned by the succeeding administration. It was a very  nice attempt for our country in arms race. So the question now is, what if…? Well, whatever it is, it already happened. A history. Once upon a time WE are capable. Who said we’re weak?

Credits from the poster of Project Santa Barbara thread.

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7 comments on “Codename: Project Santa Barbara

  • dapat ipagpatuloy ang project nayan mas kailangan natin ang ganyan armas sangayon na ang china ay nag kaka interis sa teritoryo natin. at madagdagan pa ng anti ship missile at anti submarine missile.sana mabigyan ng pansin ng govt. natin ito kong mapapa kinabangan pa ang mga missile nayan mapalakas pa. at mapabilis pa at mag karoon tyo ng long range at midium/ at short range at maparami pa at mapabilis at mapalakas sana pag aralan pa ang mga nagawa na missile project nyan para dna tyo bumili at makatipid tyo ace

  • dapat erevive ang project na ito… para malakas ang depensa ng sandatahang lakas ng Pilipinas… Huwag ituon ang pansin sa pabili ng armas sa ibang bansa.. dapat meron tayong sariling kakayahang gumawa.. Pano kung isang araw hindi na nila ibenta ang mga armas nila, saan tayo kukuha ng panlaban sa external threat? REVIVE THE STA BARBARA PROJECT!!!”

  • Cool, just imagine if this was recommisioned or reworked on. We could have our best engineers (or whatever you call people who work on these projects) work on these and even upgrade it. It could give jobs to people

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