Pay Bills Online: Ph Banks Pros & Cons

Published April 19, 2012 by Justn Obud Dy

Paying bills has never been this easy in this modern time. Almost all banks offers different payment channels like ATM, Mobile, Phone, and Online Banking to access their bills payments services. Each bank has their own pros and cons in terms of services and features for their respected clients. Each bank has their own accredited list of merchants which includes some of known stores, products, and services. In this post, I will share each banks, local and foreign in origin “pay bills” or “bills payment” service and feature which I encountered and experienced personally.

First stop is the Bank of The Philippine Islands (BPI):

BPI account holder needs to enroll first their merchant in order to use the Pay Bills service. First, user must login, then mouse hover the “Payments and Reloading” tab and a drop down list appears. Hover the “Bills Payment” and another drop down list appears. Cick “Enroll All Other Bills”.
Here, users must fill up the form like ATM No., JAI No., Company Name, and Reference No., then click Submit. Is it done? Not yet. Users must still fill up another form which is a hard copy and submit it to the nearest branch.

Check this post.

Hassle-free or hassle? I think its the former. They let user to enroll online for the soft copy side then a formal and physical authentication of the validity of the enrollment to support the later. We’ll, transaction like this which debits users money and credit to another account should have a very tight security to prevent frauds, theft, etc. For the bank side of course and client it’s a peace of mind but how about the usability or the convenience? It’s a security versus usability issue.

Second, Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (MBTC)

MBTC account holder need not to enroll their merchant in order to use Pay Bills service. They can use the MBTC ATM machines directly just like in cash withdrawal transaction. User just choose their desired merchant and entering their correct account number, and desired amount to pay then transaction complete! Don’t forget the receipt for future purposes.  User will now wait for the confirmation of their respected merchant.

Hassle-free or hassle? Now it’s the later. MBTC system really understands the needs and convenience of its clients. Internal and external security doesn’t concern clients at all. They don’t care how the bank implement or whatever. They just don’t care. What they care is the the fast and convenient services, a client-friendly system, services, and features, and a system built by trust.

More to come… 😀


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